Taking it further

NBM is dedicating substantial effort to expand the product range, including novel active engineered clay additves and adaptation of existing products for dispersion in a wider range of materials.

Future Products

NBM products in development

  • New Additives
    Development of additional functionalized engineered clay additives targeting higher efficiency and durability of natural active components and metalbased chemistries.
    Oxygen Scavengers and free radical scavengers - more information coming soon.
  • More Polymer systems
    Adaptation of our standard and functionalized additives to a wider range of resins through unique patent-pending modification techniques (PS, PU, TPE, silicones, acrylates etc)
  • Better value and process economics
    Increased product efficiency through unique patent-pending production steps.
  • Physical and mechanical properties – Versatility and adaptability.
    The additives produced by NanoBioMatters present a unique toolbox in terms of flexibility and adaptability of clay based additives. If you have a specific need for “traditional”  engineered clay properties such as scratch resistance, nucleation, low density stiffness etc, contact us to discuss a specific development for your needs.

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